Edit: I realize I should add watermarks to the photos I post next time. Notice the current logo! Special thanks to Mich Gaspar for designing it.

I went to a music festival last weekend at Track 30th, BGC. I last wrote about it here on my blog, actually! I was asked if I wanted to be a media partner for this event by the Business Management Society from DLSU and so here it is!

I came with a friend, Alliana Liongson, that was going to help me take good photos since I am absolutely no photographer. All the nice HD ones are hers.

I came a bit late, a little after the first performer who I believe to be Paolo Lim. After his set, the hosts came out and instant recognition! I met the two awesome hosts during the first half, and they gave away Jack TV hoodies. Stephanie, the host on my right, is one of my close friends and almost got me on stage. Mikee went instead, thank God, and was able to bag a hoodie!
IMG_0781 (2)

IMG_0968 (2)For the latter half, hosts from RX 93.1 took over and were giving away free “Animo” caps from New Era! One of my favorite cap brands since I finally have access to all kinds of cap designs, especially baseball teams. Rangers all the way! There was actually a whole lot of people and Track 30 was pretty full. It had a very chill vibe that matched my mood, especially since there were tables on the ground with a banig or a handwoven mat for people to sit. The organizers also offered mats for everyone sitting on the ground, which I think was great, especially if you want to avoid soiling your clothes. During set-up, the hosts started to look for different kinds of people to give freebies to, individual people, couples, and the most interesting one, someone with a crush. (Sorry to put you on the spot, Rai!) One guy had the confidence to admit and show his crush to everybody by answering a question right and winning a free cap to give whomever the apple of his eye was. It was very amusing to watch, because his crush, Rai, was pretty shy and didn’t want to be put on the spot. But we got your picture anyway!!!

IMG_0977 (2)


Tom’s Story + Fools and Foes. Always one of my favorites. Nobody was staying at the area in front of the stage so Mikee and I decided to take the front spot. I’ve been listening to Tom’s Story for a while now, and it was great hearing them perform songs from their new album. For Fools, I only recently started listening to them. I think I can call myself a fan now.

I’m kind of sad the music only lasted 15 minutes per performer, but since it’s a music festival for only half of the day, it’s kind of understandable. My heart couldn’t take watching Tom’s Story only play three songs, although they had gigs elsewhere right after, too. I think in the second half, the bands played longer sets, and I got to know more of these talented artists.

Here are a couple of the people we caught during the event! Saw a whole lot of familiar faces from different schools. I even saw high school schoolmates, orgmates, and people from MINT!

These are the people I mostly hung around the whole night! The first photo includes Alliana, and a fellow media partner, Meek Resngit! I’m holding my tummy in the third photo because I ate.

IMG_0899 (2).JPG

I love food.

To end this post, I’m capping it off with the headliners of that night, crwn and BP Valenzuela.

IMG_1108 (2)IMG_1176 (2)

Happy hearing Instead, though I wish BP sang it live. Anyway, always a fun set with both crwn and BP!

To recap, that was a cool night. I hope Mano Amiga feels as good as we did chilling during the event. Good job, BMS!