The Great Britain Festival



So. You can probably tell by the first photo that I am not a photographer.

Today, I explored a bit of the third Great Britain Festival here in the Philippines! Being the hermit I am, I actually was unaware this was happening until I got there. The reason for my visit is mainly because my good friend, Javvy, was going to be working on a Shakespearean play that night and I was going to watch.

As they were running through their scripts, I decided to go around. There are lots of cute props in the different areas of Bonifacio High Street, and also a whole lot of stalls. There are actually quite a lot more that many of you people with fandoms (ahem Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones) might like. I highly suggest you visit and take a look around for yourselves! They’re open for photoshoots. 😉 I was quite disappointed though that I didn’t see anything related to King Arthur, no sword in the stone (either that, or I was blind).

There are a whole lot of sections to visit! There’s the Education Pavilion, the Main Stage, the Shakespeare Pavilion, and as I mentioned above, miniature figures of landmarks in the UK. You’ll even find Nessie here! One in particular had a spin the wheel portion that a lot of people liked. There are also certain booths you can visit that can win you a trip to the UK!

As I went around, a couple of ladies from the Jura (Scottish single malt Scotch Whisky) stall approached me and asked if I wanted to taste their whiskey. I was very flattered because despite the fact that I am identified as tall in the Philippines, I have a baby face. Many people mistake me as a 17-year old. Yay me! Adult validation: ✅


Alas, that was rather short-lived because the speaker thought I was a minor. I brought Javvy over again later on to try it. (And no, I did not take advantage of the opportunity to drink it again… I really didn’t, haha! Between you and me, I’m more comfortable drinking after 8PM, and Jura’s taste testing or their “Jura Discovery Flight” starts after 5PM and it wasn’t even 7:00 yet).

Fancy cars?

There’s also a car show/display and there’s even a racing simulator by Pit Lane Academy, which Javvy enjoyed. Anyone can try it out, you get to drive through 2 laps. A cameraman even filmed him during his second lap, and he was able to get in first place!

There are two main places where events are held: the Main Stage and the Shakespearean Pavilion. I hung out more at the Pavilion because that’s where Javvy was, but we were able to see a brief run-through of the Rockaoke Festival and the Fashion Show at Main Stage. Before I get you confused, I took a (bad) photo of the schedule for your reference! Also check out the British Embassy in Manila’s website/Facebook for more events.


Do visit the next two days! They’ll be showing more films, and having more performances, and you get the chance to view the live shows “William” by the Philippine Education Theater Association (PETA) Theater, listen to a talk by the Manila Shakespeare Company that relates Shakespeare to our vernacular as well as the pop culture we know today, and “William Shakespeare’s Greatest Hits” by the Word of Mouth Theater! I enjoyed it, and I especially enjoyed the laughter of the kids other people brought. Bring your whole family!

Had a lot of fun both walking around on my own as well as making new friends. Lots of things to see, so bring your friends! The Great Britain Festival will be up until this Sunday, February 28, 2016. Come over and get cultured!


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