Halloween 2015


Ever since playing Injustice on the PS3 and on iOS, I’ve pretty much fallen in love with Harley Quinn’s character. I’ve loved her since 2014 but I only really got to prepare to be her in 2015. Yup, I did a Harley Quinn cosplay.

lexy aguinaldo harley quinn cosplay
This is a photo of what I looked like the night before Halloween.

My mom was able to order a Harley Quinn outfit on Amazon which was on sale a few months before, and it’s like fate planned it (LUH) since my uncle was going to be in the States when it was going to be delivered, so we didn’t have to spend so much because instead of shipping it to my home, it was delivered to where he stayed at. My mom bought me beauty cake (I can’t believe it’s really called that) from Nichido (Nichido’s Beauty Cake in Classic Mint) for my face and then I pretty much went crazy with black eyeshadow and eyeliner. She also helped me out with making a Joker voodoo doll. It’s not perfect but she worked so hard on it so I held it pretty much the entire day. I’m the type of person that: if I were to do something I’ve never done before, I’d better do it well, so my mom had to put up with me being nitpicky about everything. I love you mom! Hehe.

lexy aguinaldo andrei tim villasor dc comics batman joker harley quinn cosplay

I honestly did not anticipate the number of people that took photos with me. This is a photo with my friend Drei (Joker), and Tim (Batman) whom I met that day! I also met a Catwoman (whose name I never actually got to get… I’m sorry) who asked me if I could strangle her for a photo. It was pretty funny.

My friends from MINT accompanied me the whole afternoon while I walked around Bonifacio High Street in that get-up (Drei took long hmph). We wanted to go trick-or-treating so we went around some stores for candy. I’m kind of sad I didn’t save my short video of some of them trying to give us a surprise attack while they were dressed up as Jedis.

Knowing how large the fan base is for comics, I definitely spotted more than three Jokers and/or Harley Quinns. Lots of DC characters. So look who I ran into!

meagan mateo lexy aguinaldo harley quinn arkham city suicide squad cosplay

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn meets Arkham City Harley Quinn! Since Suicide Squad’s coming soon, almost all the other people I saw actually dressed up as that version of Harley, but (no bias) she had the best portrayal. Her name’s Meagan and she loves Harley Quinn, too! She introduced me to a group of cosplayers that I later found out was Justice PH.

justice ph dc comics cosplay

I wasn’t really able to get all their names but a little kid dressed as Batman wanted a picture with us, so this is what we did! They’re really a fun bunch.

My friends made fun of me while this happened:

This was so funny to me.

I spent the rest of the day with these people until my best friend Erika came dressed as Black Swan (and we didn’t even think of taking a decent photo together… I’m not really surprised ’cause we never do haha!) and I met her friends before we went to Black Market.

Photo from Martin Tempongko!

I’m honestly really not a fan of partying, but it was my first time in Black Market and my first time spending Halloween with Erika. I still had fun though aka leaving the venue to sit outside and spot some drunk people or friends in that long ass line to get in Black Market’s 3rd Annual Halloween Ball. Probably the craziest thing I saw in there was someone dressed as Jesus.

I was really flattered when Martin and his friends thought my hair was naturally blonde. Achievement!! This was probably the best Halloween I’ve had, although I wasn’t able to get that much candy, I got my goodies:

harley quinn
Everything from Comic Odyssey + the Harley print Drei got for me!

and I’m glad I went out of my comfort zone to go out in this kind of outfit and I was able to walk around without caring what other people thought. It was my first cosplay. I’m excited for my next costume! I’ll definitely post again with more decent pictures!


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