[Game review] Jesus Christ RPG Trilogy

[Game review] Jesus Christ RPG Trilogy


The Jesus Christ RPG Trilogy was released by WholeTone Games back in November 2013. If you know about Jesus’s story and are a fan of satire and bad jokes, this might just be the game for you.

Just in time for Holy Week, I came across this game on Steam that was uploaded just a couple of days ago. It really caught my eye because why would it not, an actual RPG about Jesus Christ. I’m already anticipating bad feedback but this obviously is a game not meant to be taken seriously, and is for entertainment, so here we go!

This Trilogy tells the story of the birth of Jesus until his resurrection. We have Jesus Christ RPG, Baby Jesus Christ RPG, and Rise Jesus Christ RPG. Basically, the game, a prequel, then the continuation of the first (I’m assuming it’s in that order).


The menu screens looked very empty, just the title and only three options: Start, Continue, and Shut Down. There were no settings to adjust or mute the background music or sound effects.

Jesus Christ RPG was developed with RPG Maker VX, so the graphics of the gameplay is something you can already assume: pretty good.


There was also the presence of a map and even dungeons that have different levels. (ex. 3F – Tower of Babel) and you could have up to 4 party members follow you as well (depending on the character’s importance in the story). I honestly did not take this game seriously when I first downloaded it and it was so amusing to me that I just HAD to share it with friends.


Despite this, the graphics aren’t what I would call “good”, but I would say it’s better and has a show of more effort than other kinds of indie video games. It honestly just makes me laugh more with this kind of quality.

supposed cutscene. nice chrome finish

Loving that chrome finish.


Yes, battles. It reminded me so much of Pokemon, with the way the enemy was introduced.


The battle system is turn-based and easy enough to understand, although the option “Refrain” is pretty misleading, as it can mean a Refrain in a song (I thought it was some sort of healing skill) or to literally refrain from acting. It is the latter.
lolI know what you experienced RPG-players may be thinking: does this mean we can equip weapons/armor? YES (except for Jesus). Certain weapons also give you certain skills/magic that can be used in battle. You also get to acquire items that heal your HP, etc. The selection is also amusing because the items you use to regain your HP are Bread and Fish. Water, and wine recharge your MP/TP, and Eggs are used to resurrect your allies. Why eggs? (Hint: think Easter)

Usually in games that allow you to explore maps as shown in the previous photos, walking on a specific plain (forest/desert/water) will have you enter combat. Some of the backgrounds of the game were appropriate for the setting, at least, but the background will not always follow which plain you are on (being in a forest will still give you a desert battle).

The best RPG elements of the trilogy can be found in Baby Jesus Christ and Rise Jesus Christ RPG. It is where more of the strategy-rpg elements can be found because of harder boss battles and more access to items that enhance your party’s attributes. Battles give you EXP which in turn help you level up and learn new skills.



Nothing commendable, it sounds like a general basic RPG. BGM is not timely with events, but are appropriately used depending on the setting. Other people find the BGM quite annoying, but there is no way to mute the music unless you switch off your computer’s speakers.

The battle music in the circles of hell in Rise Jesus Christ RPG does not match the vibe of a battle at all. 😂 It sounded slightly like Hawaiian music to me.


No instructions were presented in the game; although the controls are fairly simple:

Moving = arrow keys

Interaction = Spacebar, Enter key, Z

Back = Esc key

Back / Menu = X

The furniture during the gameplay has no effect if you attempt to interact with them unless they are treasure chests, key items, or certain kinds of signs. I also like that you are not limited to just one playable character, although after playing as Judas Iscariot, the persons I talked to still talked to me as if I were the Messiah.

There are also save slots, and you can save whenever during gameplay (not during cutscenes or dialogues).


i cant

The game more or less tells the story through direct quotes from an online bible source, or through a more contemporary way that may or may not contradict the setting of the story. A news bulletin occurs in Rise Jesus Christ, and even the music used fits well, but obviously, there were no television sets in that time.

As I said earlier, if you’re the type that enjoys bad jokes and satire, playing this game would be pretty interesting. It’s the kind of humor that can get quite annoying, and you can’t help but facepalm and question the meaning of life and still laugh. Even just a little bit.

It’s not only religious satire, but it also breaks the fourth wall, and includes some contemporary themes that you’re sure to understand once you come across them in the game. I don’t want to spoil the experience for you, as I’ve already mentioned a couple of things that happen in the RPG.

Dialogue with the other people walking around your environment is the sure way of figuring out where to go, or what to do next. It starts off awkward in Jesus Christ RPG, but I think that was the only downside of the dialogue. It felt like an attempt to give a little context as to what was happening.


A conversation with Joseph adds to the awkwardness with him saying, “my son… I mean, Jesus”. It’s quite unnecessary. You can choose the order in which you play the games, but for someone that is not familiar with the story should start with Baby Jesus Christ RPG, because Jesus Christ RPG lacks context. Rise of Jesus Christ should be what you play last.

This RPG has a lot of references that took me a while to get. Dante’s Inferno is actually present, although I don’t understand the connection of the circles to what it portrayed here. Maybe if you understand it, comment below!

Minimal spelling errors.

Rating: 5 / 10

The Jesus Christ RPG Trilogy is a free- to-play RPG that can be downloaded on SteamGameJolt, and even on Dropbox. Check out their game archives for more download links, and more of their games.