muni thrive music festival volunteer

Yet another event I helped organize! I had only heard of Muni from my friend Meek Resngit and she was looking for volunteers. I decided to try and check it out. Why not, right?

I actually never thought I’d go back into concert organizing, but I had a lot of fun with this one: the THRIVE festival. The stress and pressure never really go away, but I met new friends and even got two of my bandmates, Maia and Joy, to work with me! We were a very small team called the Outdoor Program, only consisting of myself, Maia, Joy, and Nina who works in! (Later on, KC Coling joined us as another host hehe) We worked very closely with the amazing Jen Horn, who was the overall event manager. I suddenly found myself as the Outdoor Program Officer-in-Charge. I didn’t know how that happened, but it was fun!

toni b thrive music festival 2015

Here’s a photo of Toni B performing. I was very flattered she remembered me! I met her once through Marj Rojas in one of her past gigs.

hans dimayuga thrive musica festival 2015

We later met Hans Dimayuga. We were just pretty much freaking out each time he sang. This guy’s got a great voice!

We actually didn’t just contact other people with the help of Nina, we were also in charge of posting about it on both Muni and Thrive’s respective social media pages (which I was able to live-tweet during the event, yay!), and I also helped set-up the Indoor program’s sound system for their seminars. I include that because for some reason, I feel accomplished knowing I can do that. Thanks for helping me gain those skills, Green Giant FM! Hehe.


I ❤️ Chimi #thrivemanila #MuniMarket

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kinder friends wholly karps

The Chimichangas were also invited to perform for THRIVE, and their drummer is also our drummer so we had a short reunion photo, but this is just us laughing. We later inserted BP in the photo to make it a full band reunion photo. Haha!

maia tangco hosting thrive music festival 2015

Not to mention Maia’s on point hosting skills. Really proud of you, Mai!

muni thrive music festival 2015 outdoor program team

And here’s a photo of the Outdoor team! With the beautiful host KC Coling. Only Nina’s not in the photo! Thanks for the opportunity and all the the information I learned from you, Muni!

Check out THRIVE’s Facebook page:

Reverb 2015


green giant fm reverb

Green Giant FM’s concert, Reverb! This is the first ever event I headed. I went through a lot of hardships and tears with this one because I was never really trained how to organize events, not to mention a concert. It required a lot of contacting especially for the bands and the sound system team. I was very glad to have my org’s team with me, who took care of the paperwork for reserving the places in school, and also for teaching me how things like these work. My partner, Mikee Monsod, who was the project head of another event Green Giant hosted, and my partner-in-crime, Marj Rojas especially, supported me through it as well, and helped me. I never realized how much pressure it is to really organize an event that would bear fruitful results. Thankfully I had friends to keep me sane as I pushed myself to work this out.

Always so proud of you and always a fan. @bpvalenzuela #Reverb #CRSC #GreenGiantFM

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This is a video I took of B.P. Valenzuela; she performed her song “Great Expectations” during the event. I’ll have to thank Anna Fernando for her efforts in negotiating and talking to Sir Joel from 5th Element Lights & Sound. We were able to get an LED wall and an awesome light setup. I’m really proud of the production team, and the sound system and lights team. At the end of the night, I didn’t think about the quotas anymore. I thanked the Executive Board members that helped make this happen and the others that were a big part, and they did the same. It was a good (and really stressful) night, and I was glad I was able to finish it. I look forward to the next Reverb that will be handled by Marj, since she’ll be the next Audio Director by then!