Jun 29, 2020
PlumAppleJuice (All reviews)
Editor: "How many camera pans do you want?"
Director: "Yes."

The Street Fighter II movie was one of the most drawn-out films I have seen. "When will this be over," is a question I asked myself during many of the scenes. I'll elaborate.

Many of the issues I've had are directional/editorial. Particularly, any scene with Vega or Ryu would include dreadful silence and an impressive amount of camera pans. There were many quiet scenes followed by flashbacks of Ryu and Ken training together. Then, we'd be in New York, Los Angelos, or another location.This movie should have been appropriately named, "Street Fighter: Around the World." The variety of locations along with a lack of transition lead to some confusion, despite the plot being clear and characters voicing their motivations.

As for the animation, the characters are kept on-model, and there aren't any oddities I could spot. There was some love put into this, but the aforementioned issues really distracted from that (exception for the fight scenes).

As for the sound, it might just have been the player I was watching in... but I couldn't hear any music until the battle at the end where it was mixed really loud. Otherwise, it sounds like what I would imagine as "90's techno" or "90's music."

I'm not a Street Fighter fan, but I can admire how iconic the designs are! While Ryu and Ken were having their bromance, I really enjoyed the interaction between Guile and Chun-Li. I really wished the focus was more of them doing Interpol activities v. "Hey, here's Ryu walking around in another location."

There was a fight with Chun-Li that had me excited, but the rest of the film made me really bored. If the film runtime wasn't 1hr 41min, my enjoyment might have been higher. The Street Fighter II movie felt like a compilation of assorted events that should've been set to music, yet ironically it was a very slow and quiet film despite being based on a fighting game series.