Jun 29, 2020
ausssss (All reviews)
Princess Connect! Re: Dive. a story that had been hyped around for an entire season. but then again I'm quite pleased and disappointed at the same time. I would consider revisiting this in the near future but I wouldn't enjoy it as much.

the review:

the story? how do I put it politely, it was fairly interesting I guess. definitely not a masterpiece. if you just consider watching an anime because you out of option or just scrolling around an this is the only thing you can find go ahead and watched it. it's not bad it's just not good. I mean I understand what the actual story tries to suggest. but I was just hoping for more. The show is about a party/guild tries to achieve their goal in making food together can be interesting but not this one.

I kept on watching to understand the plot but it's not what you would expected. by the end of the story you would be wondering to your self why am I watching this? what's the story?

It had so many plot line but none were explained. the story was rushed and unfinished I would say. it doesn't have proper closure, the ending was like this is a game adaptation "play the game" kind of ending.

if you watching this for plot just don't. Watch these for those cute characters and some slice of life. it would make you feel a lot better.